Open Tournament Rules

Gaming system

Swiss system to 9 rounds. The pairings will be carried out by means of the Swiss Manager program, with the arbitration team being responsible for them.

Dates and Schedules

Round Date Time
1 2020/11/29 17:00
2 2020/11/30 17:00
3 2020/12/01 17:00
4 2020/12/02 17:00
5 2020/12/03 17:00
6 2020/12/04 17:00
7 2020/12/05 17:00
8 2020/12/06 17:00
9 2020/12/07 10:00

Rhythm of the game

Group A: 90 minutes for the first 40 moves + 30 minutes for the rest, with an increase of 30 seconds from the first move.
Group B: 90 minutes + 30 seconds from move 1 for all the game.

Waiting time

1 hour.

Play groups:

Two competition groups will be established:

Group A: open to all players with a valid FIDE licence and ELO FIDE of at least 2000 points. Valid for ELO FCE, FEDA and FIDE, and for obtaining international norms.
Group B: open to players with ELO FIDE less than 2000 points and who have not exceeded 2100 ELO FIDE points in the last 3 years. Valid for ELO FCE, FEDA and FIDE.

Players who have exceeded 2100 ELO FIDE in the last 3 years will be able to play Group A even if they have less than 2000 ELO.

Specific participation rules:

Unregistered players who do not notify the Organisation at least 24 hours before the start of the tournament will not be paired.

Any player who was absent unjustifiably for a round will be considered as leaving the tournament. Likewise, any player who was absent for two consecutive or alternate rounds, even if it could have been justified, will be automatically eliminated from the tournament. In order to justify a failure to appear, the player must contact the Organization of the Open before the end of the round to which he did not attend, so that he can be paired in the next round.

The Organization reserves the right to make play in Group A any player of minor ELO than 2000 in exceptional cases, which will be discussed beforehand.


The byes, of zero points, must be requested to the arbiter in writing, at the latest, before the end of the previous round and must include both the request for bye and the signature of the player.