Castelldefels will be the second edition of a chess festival that has the intention to become annual and will be held in Baix Llobregat, Barcelona. It will be organized by the editor of El Llobregat, Xavier Pérez Llorca, and has the Argentine International Master Marcelo Panelo as director of the tournament.

elllobregat Open Chess Tournament has the approval and support of the Catalanish Chess Federation, and will be held  from November 29 and to December 8, 2020. Our first edition in 2019, had the highest ELO average of all the Open disputed in Spain and has granted 7 norms (3 GM, 2 IM and 2-WIM). ELO is establishes  the ranking of a chess player.

Registration and participation

The players who have a valid license will be able to participate in any of the elllobregat Open Chess tournaments. In the case of players with a foreign flag, they must have a FIDE code. Players can register for the A, B and / or Blitz tournaments of elllobregat Open Chess Tournament, through the following form:

  • Filling in the form available on this webpage.

Registration prices

Senior: € 70 (€ 50 if paid before 1/11/2020).
Under-16 players and veterans: € 60 (€ 50 if paid before 1/11/2020).
Players with recognized disabilities: € 50 (€ 40 if paid before 1/11/2020).
Players with more than 2400 FIDE: Free registration.
GM and MI: Free registration.

Registration for any of the elllobregat Open Chess tournaments will normally be valid once the registration fee has been transferred into the open bank account:

IBAN: ES19 0049 0766 7125 1072 2068

In bank transfers details, please, remember to include your name and surname, as well as the text "Inscription elllobregat Open Chess Tnmt"; and then send us the bank receipt/confirmation to the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Without these steps your registration cannot be validated.

The elllobregat Open Chess Tnmt. Organization reserves the right of admission, being able to reject any application for registration that it considers opportune.

Official accommodation

Hotel Ciutat de Castelldefels
Paseo de la Marina 212, Castelldefels.


How to arrive to Castelldefels from Barcelona

The journey from Barcelona Sants to Platja de Castelldefels is 22 minutes and the line is C2 of the RENFE. The hotel and playing venue is 600 meters away (5 minutes walking from the Renfe Platja de Castellfedels station.

Information for all elllobregat Open Chess Tournament participants who intend to later play in the European Championship

Daily flight combinations from Barcelona airport

Flights from El Prat (BCN) to Ljubilana (LJU)

Airline Departure Time Arrival Time


06:00 10:25
07:55 12:30
Air France 06:20 11:45
12:15 17:05

Flights from El Prat (BCN) to Graz (GRZ)

Airline Departure Time Arrival Time
KLM 06:00 13:35
Lufthansa 09:10 12:55
15:25 19:25
18:45 22:55

General bases

The second edition of elllobregat Open Chess Tnmt will take place in the town of Castedefells.

Only players with a valid license may participate in any of the festival tournaments. In the case of players with a foreign flag, they must have a FIDE code.

  1. For this edition, FIDE Laws of Chess and its annexes, taking effect from 1 January 2018 and FIDE tournament regulations (C.05) will apply.
  2. The starting rank and the categories of the whole Festival will be determined based on the ELO FIDE STANDARD list November 2020.
  3. The participation in the first tournament of elllobregat Open Chess implies the knowledge and the full acceptance of the present bases.
  4. Players agree to attend the playing venue with proper dress and to have a correct and sportive behaviour.
  5. Smoking and eating will not be allowed in the entire playing area.
  6. It will be the responsibility of each player to register in the correct group of each of the tournaments that he decides to play in. Likewise, the player must verify that the data contained in the different registration lists and classifications are correct, and must inform the Open Organization in case of finding any error. If it is discovered that a player is not enrolled in the correct group or has provided any incorrect information deliberately, he will be directly expelled from the Open.
  7. At playing area Mobile phones will not be allowed unless they are turned off and placed in a bag or backpack provided by the player for that purpose and remains so for the duration of the entire round. Neither will be allowed to enter into the playing area keeping any electronic device that could serve the possibility to provide any type of chess assistance to players. The player will authorize the arbitration team to verify that their phone is switched off in case of any doubt about this..
  8. Players may not leave the playing area without justification or permission from an arbiter while their games are in progress.
  9. Participation in any of the Open Chess Llobregat A and B tournaments implies acceptance by the player that their personal data and games may be published in the different media that the Organization considers appropriate for a better dissemination of the event. Among such means are, for example, registration lists (paper and online in different media), match results, tournament rankings, retransmissions, photographs, etc.


Swiss system 9 rounds. Pairings will be done in Swiss Manager. The chief arbiter is responsible for the pairings.


The tournaments will be compute for ELO FIDE, FEDA and FCE, and will be valid for obtaining international titles.

Rate of play

Group A: 90 minutes for the first 40 moves + 30 minutes for the rest, with an increase of 30 seconds from the first move.
Group B: 90 minutes + 30 seconds from move 1 for all the game.

Waiting time

1 hour.


The byes, of zero points, must be requested to the arbiter in writing, at the latest, before the end of the previous round and must include both the request for bye and the signature of the player.


The tie-breaks will be valid both for the purposes of classification and for obtaining trophies and cash prizes. Therefore, neither trophies nor cash prizes will be divisible among the players who could have drawn points.

The tie-breaking system of all Open tournaments will be as follows and in the following order:

  1. Particular result. (11)
  2. Buchholz FIDE minus the worst result. (37) (1,0,N S,0,N)
  3. Buchholz FIDE total. (37) (0,0,N S,0,N)
  4. Sonnenborg Berger (52) (0,0,N S,0,N)
  5. Average recursive performance of opponents (55) (0,0,1000)

For the calculation of the Buchholz systems, the "virtual opponent" will be applied in non-played games.

In the case of group A, once the previous tiebreaker systems have been applied, a provisional general classification will be available. However, if there is a tie by points between some of the first 4 classified in above mentioned provisional classification, the match-play tiebreaker will be applied to obtain the final general classification.

Above mentioned match-play tie-break will consist of an eliminatory system (semi-final and final if there are 3 or 4 tied players) among the players who have finished the tournament with the same number of points (whether the champion should be decided or not), in the following way:

  • 2 blitz games with a timing of 5 minutes + 3 seconds per play (5 '+ 3 "), alternating colours.

In case of a tie, a blitz match "Armaggedon", with 6 minutes for the player with white and 5 minutes for the player with black. The colour of each player will be drawn and, in case of finishing in tables, the player who has played with black will win.

Disabled players can choose whether or not to play tie-breakers. In case of not doing so, they will get the prize they would be entitled in the provisional classification, without applying these tie-breaks.


  • The first 4 players tied to points: 2 semi-finals and final to decide the positions first to fourth.
  • Champion decided but 3 players tied to points in the second to fourth places: 1 semi-final (third and fourth) and 1 final (the second would go directly to that final).
  • 2 players tied to points in the first 2 places, and 2 tied for points in the third and fourth places: 2 finals, one to decide the champion, and another to decide the third place.

Specific participation rules

Unregistered players who do not notify the Organisation at least 24 hours before the start of the tournament will not be paired.

Any player who was absent unjustifiably for a round will be considered as leaving the tournament. Likewise, any player who was absent for two consecutive or alternate rounds, even if it could have been justified, will be automatically eliminated from the tournament. In order to justify a failure to appear, the player must contact the Organization of the Open before the end of the round to which he did not attend, so that he can be paired in the next round.

The Organization reserves the right to make play in Group A any player of minor ELO than 2000 in exceptional cases, which will be discussed beforehand.

Arbitral claims

Any claim before an arbitration decision will have to be addressed in writing to the Competition Committee. It must be done no more than one hour after the end of the game in which the decision in dispute took place.

The Competition Committee will be integrated by the Open Director and by 5 players (3 full members and 2 alternates), the latter for those conflicts in which one of the holders could be involved, or in case of not being able to locate a titular member). During the first round of the Llobregat Open Chess game, the Organization will proceed to choose the above mentioned Committee.

The decisions of this Committee will be final and non appealable.

In blitz tournaments, the decisions of the chief arbiter will be non appealable.


The prizes of each one of the tournaments that are disputed during the Festival will be subject to the legal withdrawals and the established taxes. The specific list of prizes of each one of the tournaments that make up El Llobregat Open Chess Internacional de Ajedrez can be found in the specific bases of the tournament.

The prizes are not cumulative and in the case that a player has access to two prizes, he will opt for the highest amount, in case of equal amount the order of prizes will correspond, first to the general table and then to the ELO- categories.

The payment of cash prizes will be made by bank transfer to the account which the winner will provide the organizer on December 8 (the day after the last round of play), during the closing ceremony of the tournament.

Attendance at the closing ceremony is mandatory for all winners. In the event that a player is entitled to a prize but does not attend the closing ceremony, player will lose all rights to receive it, and will not be able to claim it later. Also, in order to receive the prize, in addition to providing the account number for the cash prize transfer), the player will have to provide a photocopy of their id card or passport.

Play groups

Two competition groups will be established:

Group A: open to all players with a valid FIDE licence and ELO FIDE of at least 2000 points. Valid for ELO FCE, FEDA and FIDE, and for obtaining international norms.
Group B: open to players with ELO FIDE less than 2000 points and who have not exceeded 2100 ELO FIDE points in the last 3 years. Valid for ELO FCE, FEDA and FIDE.

Players who have exceeded 2100 ELO FIDE in the last 3 years will be able to play Group A even if they have less than 2000 ELO.