The Iranian has been forced to retire from the game and not play after being faced with the Israeli Netanel Levi.

The 3rd edition of El Llobregat Open Chess, which included the sisters Anna and María Muzychuk as tournament ambassadors, ended with the proclamation of Iranian GM Mohammad Amin Tabatabaei as the winner after winning all 9 rounds.

Amin, only 21 years old, has an ELO score of 2,660 points and is currently participating in the Sunway Chess Festival in Sitges, which takes place from December 11 to 22, and in which he has found himself in the position of losing a point in the standings by not playing in the first round of this tournament in which he has been faced against the Israeli Netanel Levi (2,179 ELO points), a category lower than that of M. Amin.
Since 1983, the Iranian Sports Federation prohibits its athletes from competing in any championship against Israelis, so according to the rules M. Amin, has not played the game against Netanel Levi, having a score of 1 point for Levi and 0 for Amin.

 The strongest open in the history of Spain «El Llobregat Open Chess Tournament», third edition, has been very disputed until the last round. Followed with interest by thousands of Internet users and the public in person at the Can Massallera civic center in Sant Boi.

The Llobregat Open in Spain concluded on Thursday, December 8 and the Iranian grandmaster, Amin Tabatabaei (2,655) was the brand new winner. The tournament was developed by the Swiss system of 9 rounds. The Chinese Yu Yangyi and the Spanish Francisco Vallejo Pons (both 2716), a priori were the favorites in the classification, followed by the American Niemann (2698), and the Russians Cheparinov (2694), Fedoseev (2688) and Alekseenko (2687).

The clashes of the seventh round have left two unexpected leaders at this point with 6 points, the International Master Aditya Mittal who beat his compatriot Aryan Chopra, and the representative of Singapore, the Grandmaster Jingyao Tin who displayed his best game and defeated in a rook ending to the controversial American Grandmaster Hans Moke Niemann.

This afternoon's clash of the leaders will likely set one of them on course for final victory.
Half a point behind are German Grandmaster Matthias Bluembaum and Azeri Grandmaster Eltaj Safarli, who will play their eighth round match this afternoon.
Added to the block of players with 5 and a half points, the Italian Daniil Dvirnyy will find Hans Niemann in the opposite chair who has 5 points.
On the fourth board, the duel of the Spanish Grand Masters, Paco Vallejo and Daniil Yuffa, is expected, both still with mathematical chances of winning the tournament, and on the fifth table, the Austrian Valentin Dragnev will have to face off against the Chinese Yangyi Yu.

The tournament has the participation of 60 Absolute and female Grand Masters and with a total of 175 participants from 43 countries, it has achieved the highest average ELO score in the history of Spain for an open competition.

Nístal Mayorga, a painter based in Bilbao, has just published the book "Miradas de Campeones", in which she reproduces the images of the oil paintings and watercolors that she has dedicated to the twenty world chess champions, who to date have succeeded each other since they the title of world champion was made official: in 1886, Wilhelm Steinitz, the first; the twentieth, Magnus Carlsen

EL LLOBREGAT OPEN CHESS will present the winners of this third edition with a copy of the book; the original tables have been seen during the nine rounds of the tournament, in the game room; and in the auxiliary spaces, their reproductions on totems, produced for the event.

Nístal Mayorga is working on a new project: painting a collection of the great players that have existed in the history of chess.

In the photograph we can see her, in the center of the image (with a colorful scarf), photographed with some participating players in EL LLOBREGAST OPEN CHESS, and also in the morning blitz organized as part of the tournament, for registered teachers. The female grandmaster, Atousa Porkashiyan, was the winner of these rapid games, followed by also WGM, Altan-Ulzii Enkhtuul, Maritza Arribas Robaina and the absolute GM and former world champion Antoaneta Stefanova.

The strongest Open in the history of Spain "El Llobregat Open Chess Tournament" does not stop giving us surprises, this Sunday in the fifth round of this event followed by many spectators who follow it live or on social networks did not want to miss the results.

At the end of the afternoon, the leaders Hans Niemann and Paco Vallejo, being in delicate situations in their games, managed to overcome the defeat and tie their games with great tenacity. The first against Grandmaster Kirill Alekseenko, one of the strongest players in the tournament, and our dear Paco Vallejo against Grandmaster Tin Jingyao from Singapore who is having an impressive tournament. It is also worth noting the great triumph of the International Master Aditya Mittal from India who, at only 16 years old and being one of the promises of world chess, brilliantly defeated the Bulgarian Grand Master Ivan Cheparinov, number 4 in the ranking of the list. With these results, and after passing halfway through the tournament, only three players share the vanguard: Paco Vallejo, Hans Moke Niemann and Aditya Mittal.

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