From November 29 to December 8, 2020

This year 2020 is being, for obvious reasons, very special. Our plans, our activities and, in general, our way of life have been profoundly altered by a pandemic that is difficult to predict and even more difficult to manage.

Anyway, and always embracing a healthy optimism, every crisis generates an opportunity. In the case of chess, that opportunity has come from the hand of new technologies. For many years now, online games have been developed that allow people from one end of the world to play from their homes. It turns out that, during this pandemic, the practice of online chess has spread and the number of players has multiplied enormously. It is undoubtedly an extraordinary opportunity that you should try to seize.

The great challenge before us lies, essentially, in being able to adapt the possibility of online gambling to competitive practice. It is difficult to control that some player, from his home, does not use the help of powerful computers to consult the best plays and, thus, substantially and artificially improve his results. This is what is called "electronic doping".

Therefore, it is about looking for innovative ideas that allow, in the current circumstances, to find some formula that allows us to combine online chess with the possibility of controlling the participants and guaranteeing the “cleanliness” of the competition. And for this, an agreement has been reached between the Federació Catalana de Escacs and those responsible for El Llobregat to develop a hybrid and original system that is unprecedented worldwide. This is an international chess Open that will take place between November 29 and December 8, at different venues on the five continents under the name of “Tournament Ciutat de Barcelona. II El Llobregat Chess Open tournament ”.

Players from all over the world will meet at the different venues -located in some of the world's main cities (New York, Moscow, Paris, London, etc. - and play online, from a venue supervised by official referees, with other players located in other venues around the world.

It is undoubtedly a different and innovative tournament that we think can be extraordinarily attractive and that allows us to continue with our organizational commitment by projecting our image throughout the world.

Throughout this month of September, both on the website of the Federació Catalana de Escacs and on the website of El Llobregat Open Chess Tournament, we will publish the rules for registering for the tournament.

Pepo Viñas and Racionero
President of the Federació Catalana de Escacs